No more fitness/exercise fads!

The benefits of exercise are undeniable. However, these benefits are very rarely optimised or specifically tailored to suit the capacities and requirements of a particular individual. Very frequently fitness/exercise programs are provided on a one size fits all basis, which often results in inappropriate exercise prescription, potential injury, frustration with lack of results or exercise drop out.​​

Utilisation of exercise in the management of chronic and/or complex conditions or simply the maximisation of each session can be achieved with appropriate and evidence based exercise prescription. In this rapidly evolving science it is no longer appropriate to rely on the opinion of a fitness guru but rather the peer reviewed scientific data supporting an evidence based, personalised exercise program.        

The new norm

 The specificity of benefit that can be extracted from good, sound, evidence based exercise prescription has the potential to drastically improve exercise outcomes. Why waste time performing exercise that gets you no nearer your goal? Or simply is not as efficient with respect to reaching that goal as another exercise or exercise program? Of course nobody does this by choice but are perhaps unsure of where to source the best information and/or guidance.​​

The results that can be obtained with the prescription of Personalised Exercise can and will reinvent the exercise wheel, no more sessions based on what has always been done or popular opinion. The new norm for exercise is Personalised Exercise based on peer reviewed scientific journal articles.