Have a Clinical Exercise Physiologist develop a 12 week exercise program or review your current program to ensure the exercise you perform is capable of addressing your needs, wants and goals, in the most efficient manner possible.

All programs and reviews include the peer reviewed scientific journal articles evidencing each and every prescribed exercise as current best practice with respect to addressing your unique goals. Maximisation of exercise benefit is founded in expert analysis of current scientific literature and customisation, not generic programming based on opinion.

Best practice without face-to-face consultation fees  

Accredited Clinical Exercise Physiologists are health care professionals trained to develop and prescribe exercise to assist in the management and treatment of chronic and/or complex conditions.

Appropriately prescribed exercise can be used to address conditions including lower back pain, diabetes, postural lapses, anxiety and depression, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, multiple challenges that can arise with pregnancy and many, many more. If you feel an exercise program would assist you in the management or treatment of a particular condition, or if you are an otherwise healthy individual looking for an exercise program based on the most current scientific literature, a Clinical Exercise Physiologist is the healthcare professional best qualified to do this.

Your Personalised Exercise program will be designed specifically for you by an Accredited Clinical Exercise Physiologist working to the requirements you detail in the initial assessment form you will be provided with. To ensure you are comfortable in the knowledge that you have a fully qualified Clinical Exercise Physiologist (minimum qualification: 4 year Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology) working for you, you will be provided with a list of qualifications held by the specialist assigned your program. Each and every exercise prescribed in your program will also be accompanied by the peer reviewed scientific journal article evidencing its validity and relevance to you and your goal.

All programs, whether your goal is optimising weight loss, or muscular hypertrophy (growth) or managing a chronic condition, are simple to follow with images and clear descriptions of how to perform exercises. Your program will outline the best, most scientifically current and evidence based method of achieving your goals, whatever they may be.